Health Aim Inc.  

Health Aim Inc.

Executive, Experienced, Expert
1. Geriatric health services management, placement and consultations- open to all counties in SFO bay area , the Sacramento area, including the peninsula, northbay , southbay and also open to families living outside of California.

2. Geriatric Health Services consultations- worldwide ( institutional, healthcare systems, health insurances, NGO, govt, non-profits, home health, hospice, hospitals, clinics)

Program - Design, Development, implementation, resources, sustenance, solutions.

3. Public speaking and presentations : Local and Global ( Plenary, keynote, special interest, institutions- educational and noneducational, NGO and Govt org, Non-profits and others )

4. Geriatric Coaching- personal, family, institutional , organizational, health-systems, health services, health insurances .

5. Idea specialist consultations- coaching for startups in health care- tech industry.

6. Health tech entrepreneur ( plans for startup)

7. Global healthcare futurist, innovator, solver, entrepreneur.

8. Public Health- consultations worldwide.